Fucking Crushed Alloy (foreignpetals) wrote,
Fucking Crushed Alloy

little piece of chicken.

There’s a wet stain on my khakis from coming on myself while talking to Nicole.

She notices and rolls her eyes. I reach over for the book I was pretending to look at when I saw her out of the corner of my eye, and realize I’m in the gay/lesbian interest section of the book shop. I’m so embarrassed I start to panic, calling myself an asshole and a motherfucker. Just as I collect myself enough to stop her from walking away, I hear something snap and then HEAD’S UP! A palette of reference books falls on Nicole, her body is literally folded in half and blood shoots out from under the palette all in a matter of a second. The palette is now flat on the floor, Nicole trapped underneath. She might not be dead, but I think I would have heard her scream by now if she wasn’t.

Oh shit.
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